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About Us

Power Plant Supplies Ltd was formed in 1991 as a specialist company within New Zealand for the supply of standby power generation solutions

From the start we understood that to become a specialist in any industry requires the correct technical ability by the right personnel & globally proven products.

Power Plant Supplies have supplied over 1500 generators into the New Zealand & South Pacific market place in the last 19 years from small 1kW portable inverter type units to  2000 kVA  fully  integrated automated installations, complete with exhaust, fuel, BMS integration and mains synchronising systems

So from powering your bar fridge while on a camping holiday to providing backup power to the operating theaters in our main hospitals, Power Plant Supplies Ltd have been there. We are involved with electrical design, supply, install, commissioning, on-site servicing & 24/7 support.

Our promise to you:
Supply the correct globally proven product to suit your requirements, at the best possible price.


Why Choose Us

The impact of loss of electrical power to an organisation's operations can cause financial loss at the time of the event & long after due to loss in production & negative impact to your customers.

Power Plant Supplies offers a solution with our comprehensive range of standby generators to meet your requirements and eliminate power outages.

Please feel free to call and discuss any of the above if you are interested in reducing the impact of power outages on the operation of any aspect of your organisation. Our turnkey generator solutions range from simple portable units to fully automated installations, and our flexible commercial arrangements can either be by way of purchase, lease or monthly rental.